Word Tycoon - A Fresh Take on the Word Game Genre


We saw something lacking in the other word games that people were playing. It was a genre devoid of the one thing differentiating about its name - words. An expansive lexicon wasn't rewarded as much as strategic board positioning and esoteric 2 and 3 letter combinations.


We wanted to play something different. We wanted to play a game where a word like HONOR always has more value than QI. Better yet, we wanted QI to in general just be a terrible idea to play. And we think a lot of people like you want to play a game like that as well. Word Tycoon blends strategic investments in letters with the rewards of higher profits for words sold that are longer. It is a game that acknowledges that length really does matter and that sometimes brevity is not the soul of wit.


We also added bonus mechanics that further encourage longer words but add the extra pressure of maintaining a healthy portfolio of letters in hand to keep your bonuses rolling. Those bonuses add up to multipliers that send your scores soaring - but still in a way that values longer words without bonuses over shorter words with them. Word Tycoon rewards players that can sell impressive words, but the upper tier of Tycoons know that if they can chain those sales together they can get to the elusive 4x multiplier for devastatingly high scores.


In the first iteration, scoreboards and daily challenges drive competition between players, but there are many more features on the horizon that will encourage more player engagement including campaign modes that will test your mettle with specific objectives, and friendly challenges that will pit your performance directly against your friends.


Visit the game's official website: http://wordtycoon.com/

And see it on the app store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/word-tycoon/id1128213556